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the past couple of months
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naked baby!
Cordell has arrived!

What a journey we have been on to have this little guy. Cordell Ryan was born on September 1 at 7:57pm. He was 21 inches long and weighed 8 pounds, 12 oz. He was monitored the first 24 hours of life buy the nursing staff at Hoag. He had a bunch of amniotic fluid in his lungs and was having a hard time breathing. He is all better now and is a good baby! Thank you to everyone's thoughts and prayers during the last 9 months!

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my birth story

For all of you who care:

My pregnancy was extremely challenging. I was sick for more than 23 weeks of it on Zofran. I was swollen to the max, tired, struggled with indegestion, lack of sleep, depression, a terrible poisonous bug bite, a fungal disease and the list goes on. So I was very happy to have this baby get out of me! I was a couple of days past my due date and I was freakin out. He was getting bigger, I was getting more and more swollen, and so I decided to get induced. BEST THING EVER! I went in on September 1 at 1pm, got Pitossin at 2:45pm, and had him at 7:57pm. I had read up on silent/meditation birthing and I tried it this time around and had a great experience with it. No noise,, no stress, just lots of breathing and focusing on a focal point. The nurse came in to check me and I was at 6 cm and was still not in too much pain, but went for the epidural anyway=good decision bc within 50 minutes I went from 6-10cm. I pushed 3 times and out he came!

Then the scary part happened:

He started to turn purple and was having a hard time breathing. The nurses took him up to the nursery and monitered him for the next 24 hours. They found a bunch of amniotic fluid in his lungs, which its normal to have a little in there, but not a lot. He was not getting better and they were doing all of these tests on him. Luckily, he is a fighter and pulled through. The doctors said that when you only push a few times, it doesnt allow for the fluid to come out of the baby. A longer labor helps with this. And I for sure did not have a long labor at all!

We got to take him home with us and are falling in love with him more and more each day.

its true when all of my friends told me that time flies by when you have 2 kids. Kylie is adjusting and is a great helper with changing his diapers, helping get burp clothes, pacifiers and bottles. She loves to roar at him...which we are working on. She likes him a lot but keeps asking: "when will he play trains with me? and why doesn't he talk to me?" I keep telling her that very soon he will be following her every where and taking her toys...just be patient!



New business adventure

After 5 years of growing a business called Dream Big Events, my partner decided to move forward and not continue with event planning. It was a hard change and transition, and to be honest I had no clue if I had the energy or strength to continue on while dealing with a very challenging pregnancy! But after hours of prayer, hours of asking God what I should do, if I should work or just focus on my kids and hubby, Polkadots and Parties came to mind. I was driving home from running an errand and God gave me the name, the business goal, and the vision for my own business. I am excited, a bit nervous and anxious to be on my own but truly I am not on my own because God is with me through this new adventure!


this is how I feel

Baby boy arrives in less than a month and I am at that point where I want to meet him, see what he looks like and not be pregnant anymore. But at the same time I am resting, enjoying my summer with Kylie and really enjoying my sleep and nap times! Once he comes out, I know sleep will be non existent so for now I tell him to grow a bit more and stay in there!

more maternity pictures

I am in love with these pictures. Maybe it's because they are creative, bright and completely capture our personality as a family.

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Love this picture

One of my personal favorite pictures of Casey and I in our recent photo shoot. I love the name we chose...Cordell Ryan, and I am only 3 months away from my due date. It seems like time has gone by so slow because I was so sick for so long. We are in the process of moving, which has actually been a great transition because our new home is only 500 yards away. It is literally on the same street we live on now. God has continually provided for our family and has shown us what is important in life = Family, friends, church and serving one another. We are praying for a healthy baby boy and that Kylie would adjust to her new baby brother and not be too bossy!

Maternity pictures preview--more to come

Today we headed off to our favorite place in Orange County, Balboa Island and Becky Lew took some amazing pictures of our family. I really wanted to capture this last time of being pregnant so I can always remember this season. Yes, that's right, I am going on the record saying that this will be my last time pregnant! My doctor and I think its just too much for my body since I have terrible morning sickness and have to be on medication. If we have another kid, it will be through adoption. We are so thankful to get some professional pictures of our family! Check out Becky Lew Photography if you live in the Orange County area. She's amazing!

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the past few weeks

Boy does time fly by when you have a 3 year old. We do so many fun things each week its hard to keep track of what day it is. Kylie is in swim lessons and is very brave and a very confident swimmer...which makes mommy breath easy. She can hold her breath for about 6-10 seconds under water and is kicking her legs and knows how to dog paddle. She also learned how to ride a bike! This is a very big deal for her and she rides it every day. Still working on getting her to wear a helmet. We visited my dad and went on a cruise in his 1946 Mercury Woody. Kylie got to sit in no car seat in the back seat with just a lap belt on and she thought that was the coolest thing! Its a beautiful car and my dad is really enjoying it. All in all we are well...just having to move while being pregnant is extremely challenging. But God is good and faithful and is taking care of us as He always has.

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Easter with Cesar and Patty and Liam

Our new yearly tradition is celebrating Jesus' death and resurrection with the Castellon's. We had a blast!

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